Night Hawk BMT 65 Live Tool

BMT 65 Radial Live Tool
Night Hawk

BMT 65 Radial Live Tool

Our in-house developed radial live tool driver for the Haas BMT65 turret is now available. This tool is economically priced and is suitable for a variety of tasks: drilling, tapping, and light to medium duty milling. The radial driver is equipped with a .750 diameter pocket and will accept a variety of extensions and appropriately sized tooling. Two coolant nozzles will ensure coolant gets where you want it to.

Soon to come will be our 90 degree axial live tool driver featuring ER collets on both ends. This unit will be suitable for the Haas DS30 or any Haas BMT65 turret with sub-spindle. Pricing will be available soon for this unit.

  • BMT 65 Radial tool holder for the Haas BMT turret

  • .750 diameter shank capacity for common tool extensions and endmills

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